About Us

Formed in 2009 as a privately held company, DarbeeVision Inc. is headquartered in 

Orange, California, USA.

DarbeeVision has developed proprietary technologies that bring revolutionary and 

never-before-seen levels of depth and realism to digital images.  By integrating Visual 

Presence™,  Reveal™,  or Probe™ into existing digital image media devices, pictures 

can be made better than what even the most perfect cameras and displays can achieve 

-- much better in fact, by using computation to process images in the same way the 

brain does.

DarbeeVision is offering its technologies for consumer electronics product integrations.  

DarbeeVision's technologies are also available to OEMs as IP for licensing. For 

information call 714-787-1006 or email info@darbeevision.com.

All DarbeeVision patents, trademarks, copyrights and licensing are the property of 

DarbeeVision, Inc.