Executive Bios


Larry Pace, President, co-founded DarbeeVision in 2009 to bring this ground-breaking technology to the world.  He got his entrepreneurial bug while at Chapman University. After college, he launched several health-service-related businesses, patenting an ergonomic device and designing a software program for posture rehabilitation. As a founder of DarbeeVision Inc., Larry has squared his business focus on commercializing hardware and embedded solutions for their biologically-inspired computational image enhancement technologies. DarbeeVision allows him to enjoy his fascination with the worlds of biology, technology, AR, VR, image capture systems, image processing, and artificial intelligence.


Paul Darbee (1947 - 2013) was a serial entrepreneur all his life. Paul invented and patented DARBEE Visual Presence technology, which adds depth and realism to digital images in real time to consumer electronics displays.   Prior to co-founding DarbeeVision, Paul was a co-founder of Universal Electronics, the leading manufacturer of universal remote controls and a successful public company (NASDAQ- UEIC). Paul invented the pre-programmed universal remote control and held dozens of patents on remote control and other technologies. He became interested in how the brain processes images over forty years ago, when he founded his first company, Optonics. Paul umpired youth baseball and was a big fan of physics and math.