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"I just wanted to check-in to say how pleased I am with the Darblet. I work in Engineering Operations at the NBC and Fox affiliates in West Palm Beach, Florida so I'm exposed to uncompressed HDTV video from our studio cameras on professional monitors every day. Darbee processing is something I never would have believed possible had I not experienced it myself. I bought one based on AVS Member recommendations. I'm using it with the Sony Playstation3 Blu-Ray Disc player and DirecTV HR21 DVR (to be replaced with the DirecTV HR34 DVR and the DirecTV AM21 ATSC Tuner this week) through an HDMI-equipped Pioneer AV receiver. The Darblet feeds a Vivitek H1080FD on a 92" Draper screen at home and the results have been outstanding. I fairly quickly settled on the HD Mode at 60% after playing with it for a few days and I'm amazed at how much sleep I've lost just ogling the incredible pictures. "

David McRoy - AVS Forum 


"They give awards for these levels of visual technology breakthroughs. That you can see some amazing 3D "depth" without glasses at LARGE projected sizes with highest quality projectors...seems a huge accomplishment. Scoreboard Darbee."

Ronfab - AVS Forum 


"Let's just say the Darbee knocked my socks off. Turning the Darblet off made the image now appear blurry in comparison, though obviously it was stellar before the Darblet was introduced. "

Andy Lammer - AVS Forum 


"The eye simply gets used to the additional detail and recognizes its absence almost immediately."

BrolicBeast - AVS Forum


"Damn this Darblet! I try to get through one movie, just one movie but, no, I have to pause the show every 5 minutes. “Ooh, hair shot. Gotta test the before and after.” “Ooh, lush scenery in the background. Let’s see what before and after looks like.” It’s a curse, a curse I tell you! But I still love my Darblet. "

Blastermaster - AVS Forum 


"Frankly, I hate being without my Darblet. We went on vacation last month and my wife had to convince me that I really didn't need to take it with us. LOL "

johng - AVS Forum 


"I think the word clarity is the correct way to describe the Darblet’s effect. The Darblet is simply too advanced to be deemed as a ‘sharpening tool.’ "

KBMAN - AVS Forum 


"The Darblet is giving my BDs and DVDs a new lease on life. No EE whatsoever despite the improvement in clarity and sharpness."

TheLimey - High Def Digest Forum 


"There are (and were) several ‘sharpening’ processors out there that cost into the thousands, yet do not do what the Darblet does. I feel the Darblet is a steal for what it does. "

KBMAN - AVS Forum 


"It's all the little things the Darbee does that makes it such a remarkable device. I love how it renders smoke when backlit, it never ever looks artificial, it just lends it more beauty & dimensionality. "

tkbryant - Blu-Ray Forum 


"After about 15 minutes with the Darblet in the signal chain, turning off the Darblet made the image seem out of focus. It was like my brain had gotten used to the detail it was receiving. Similar to taking off your glasses. "

Aydu - AVS Forum 


"If I saw TVs side by side, I would pay more for one that had the Darbee effect. "

Tampa8 - AVS Forum 


"I was skeptical. Just installed mine on a 60" Samsung. Reminds me of the same visual sensation that I get when I put my glasses on. Everything in better focus. Going to need at least one more Darbee for my Projector. "

wuudogg - AVS Forum 


"Dave Abrams spent a full day recently with Joe Kane of JK Productions (maker of the DVE: HD Basics video calibration disks amongst other things) to evaluate the Darbee unit. Both of these guys are ultra video purists of the "no enhancement processors needed in the video chain" type. They could see the effects of the Darbee in the Zone plate tests but when they looked at actual video material, they LOVED it... an emotion they couldn't explain, being the video purists they are. They said the Darbee was the best and least intrusive video enhancement device they've ever seen and wouldn't mind having one in their system."

dmusoke - AVS Forum, post #9079 Oppo 


"I found the Darbee quite by accident -- I fully expected it to be a farce, but several very hard nose users gave it good reviews. To find out I ordered one and after 2 hours I can say without reservation -- The Darbee Darblet is AMAZING. Especially on 3D. My Sony HW30 is very good on its own, and I am using an Oppo 103 as a source, but it's a whole new game with the Darbee in the circuit. 'Good' sources are notably better, but excellent sources become incredible. While watching the Avengers in 3D, the screen disappears and becomes a window onto a vibrant 3D world. The scene in the control room -- the room is rendered in a remarkable 3D while the Directors being viewed on flat screens look entirely two dimensional, just like it would in, well, reality. At first I was ready to be disappointed by the plastic chiclet case, but it makes so much sense now. The device is vanishingly small and easy to hide, and I'm happy to pay $320 for the plastic case rather than another $500 for a deluxe milled aluminum rackmount that looks cool but puts nothing more on the screen. The Darbee Darblet is a winner. Buy it. Buy it now. . . . Why are you still hanging around the forum -- go order it!!!!"

friendlyfire - AVS Forum, post #6141 


"WOW!!! That’s the first word that came to mind when I fired up my new Darbee DVP 5000 that I just received today. After reading all the positive reviews I realized that I just had to see what the rave was all about… and now that I have seen it, there is no way I can ‘unsee’ it. It’s a keeper, for sure! I am very impressed. First I tried it on my 55” LED Samsung, and then I tried it on my BenQ W7000 on a 110” screen. WOW! This thing appears even better through a pj! The detail I see is amazing. I’ve read some say that they only see a subtle difference, but the difference I see is on the verge of drastic. No video source should be without one. I will certainly never be without one. Since I have only one Darbee for now, and 2 sources (my flat screen and my pj), I am running the output of the Darbee through a splitter… and the effect is still incredible. I was concerned about that at first, but it’s working better than expected. Disclaimer: The writer of this post is in no way affiliated with Darbee … other than as a very satisfied customer…"

Steven414 - AVS Forum, post #7010 


"You really do need to turn it on and leave it on for a week or so. Then, turn it off and wonder who put Vaseline on your screen."

Kilgore - AVS Forum, post #6595 


"The effect of the Darblet is real – and impressive – but I could live without it if I had to. I hope I don’t have to. "

Devo23 - AVS Forum