Company History

DARBEE Visual Presence™ (DVP) is based on a remarkable effect discovered by Paul Darbee in the early 1970s while doing experiments with two video cameras, using an analog video synthesizer that he built. By defocusing one camera and subtracting its blurred image from the sharp image from the other camera, Darbee found that the resulting two-dimensional image possessed a strong sense of depth and realism, modifying the image in a way that no single camera, even if ultra-high-def, could do. We now believe that the result is similar to the powerful depth illusion first created by the trompe-l'oeil (trick-the-eye) artists in the Renaissance, and now used so frequently as the drop-shadow effect that seems to make text float in front of its background.

It was not possible to do anything with the discovery until the advent of computers and digital imaging, so Darbee went on to develop other technologies and start other companies. In 1985, Darbee invented the preprogrammed universal remote control and was one of the founders of Universal Electronics (NASDAQ: UEIC).

In 2000, Darbee resurrected the video synthesizer, this time as a digital program, with the aim of bringing DVP to the world. After considerable development, DVP first ran in real time in 2009 for high definition video. With Larry Pace, Darbee founded DarbeeVision Inc. in order to commercialize Darbee Visual Presence technology running in real time on silicon.

In May 2012, DarbeeVision began selling its first product, the Darblet™, to rave reviews. About the size of a smart phone, the Darblet processes any HDMI video input, allowing people to enjoy the profound and gratifying effects of DVP with anything they watch. Later that year, DarbeeVision introduced the Cobalt™, geared toward the gaming and general consumer market.

2013 was a banner year for DarbeeVision. In addition to having DarbeeVison's IP incorporated into Oppo's world-class BDP-103D and BDP-105D Blu-ray players,  Lumagen began selling their 20XX line of video processors featuring DVP technology.  DarbeeVision also introduced two new technologies: Reveal™ for surveillance applications, and Probe™ for medical imaging applications.

The DVP-5100CIE (Custom Installer Edition) began development in late 2013.  Many new features have been included in response to customer feedback: field upgradeability, a 19-Inch rack-mountable metal case with rear connectors, and an IR extender port.  It also features  phaseHD technology that solves many HDMI issues and extends the compatible HDMI cable length up to 50 meters.

The newest addition to the DARBEE Technology offerings is the DARBEE On Demand (DOD) online cloud-based image processing platform. Launch of the DOD is slated for Q4, 2018.

DarbeeVision is eager to accommodate those who wish to offer private label versions of DVP aftermarket accessory products, and those who wish to build DVP capability into their own products. The technology is available for production or licensing in various forms depending on customer needs.

The discovery that fidelity is not the endpoint of image science is a gift that can be appreciated by anyone who views pictures popped with DARBEE Visual Presence. As an intellectual property company, DarbeeVision is committed to expanding and improving upon this paradigm shift for the long term. If you would like to join us on this adventure, please squeak your wheel.