Updates and Upgrades

At DarbeeVision, we take customer support seriously. That’s why we make our products reprogrammable.

If we discover a “bug” in our software, we will fix (update) it for free. All you need to do is register your product, and we will send you notification of the fix.

The DVP-5100CIE is field reprogammable. Instructions on how to update will be posted soon.

You must send your Darblet or Cobalt to DarbeeVision headquarters for it to be reprogrammed.

You can locate the software and firmware versions in the On-screen Menu, on the page named About.

The latest Code Versions (for all Darblets and Cobalts shipped since August 1, 2012) are:

Software 2.8.2214

Firmware 1.3.21


To Return your unit for a software/firmware upgrade please fill out the form below

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