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Just would like to share my experience with Darbee and new Philips 4K UHD TV
I used Darbee with previous 21:9 cinema Philips and 1080p never looked better :-)
When upgraded to 4K I did not connected Darbee right away wanted to familiarised myself with picture quality of new 4K TV . Philips offers staggering picture quality so you can imagine my surprise when I connected Darbee back in to the system ;-)
I new it would improve video but did not realised how much :-)
Now I don’t have access yet to 4K material use my blu Ray as example here .
I have my own way to improve blu Ray quality so they look spectacular but with Darbee they are phenomenal I can only imagine true 4K material would have to find a way to put my hands on 4K blu Ray ( I live in China now so it might be a challenge for now ) .
Thank you for amazing processor for all of us who love movies and care about quality .
— Alex - DarbeeVision Customer