Technology Details

DarbeeVision is a leading developer of computational image processing solutions for image enhancement.

  • Our technologies are designed to work "fidelity independent," making our solutions perfectly harmonious with existing image processing and display technologies.

  • We provide computationally practical solutions, so integrating our IP is inexpensive.

  • We provide IP solutions for entertainment, security and medical applications, with more new technology and applications in the development pipeline.

The Offerings - Code, Hardware and Design

  • FPGA Firmware -- Add DarbeeVision algorithms to your FPGA hardware chip set

  • Chip Set -- DarbeeVision technology delivered via proven FPGA + MCU + Flash

  • Module -- DarbeeVision technology delivered via PCB

  • Private Label -- With proven reference designs, we can make product for you to brand and sell

  • ODM -- Modify our circuit or supply your circuit ideas, we can help build DarbeeVision technology enabled products

  • OEM -- Integrate DarbeeVision IP into your own system products

Integration - Branding, Fast, Flexible, Proven, Practical

  • Brand Presence – The OSD and Menu are customizable, allowing you to see your brand on the display

  • Fast to Market – FPGAs and stand alone chips are powerful, easy and quick to implement

  • Reprogrammable FPGAs -- Update and upgrade the existing product in the field or in the lab

  • 0% Risk -- Proven designs for the Altera Cyclone FPGA products

  • Small Cost Adder -- Practical pricing to allow competitive marketplace positioning


For Strategic Business Partnerships or Licensing Information, contact:

DarbeeVision, Inc.
1073 N. Batavia Street, Suite A
Orange, CA 92867