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"I want to thank DarbeeVision, and all of you, for working whatever magic you did recently when I had to return my DVP-5100CIE for repair(?).  Upon return I immediately installed it into my system, with no difficulty, whatsoever.  To say that I am satisfied with the performance would be a gross understatement.  The resulting video detail and image enhancement has been of a level and quality that I truly did not expect, and could only hope for. 
My modest “home theater” is composed of an Onkyo TX-NR535 5.1 channel receiver, and a Panasonic DMP-230 Blu-Ray player, feeding a Samsung 5300 series, 60” plasma, wall mounted monitor, located in a Living Room of a classic 1972 ranch style house, with a viewing distance of approximately 12’.
My first test, using the Blu-Ray player, was the opening scenes of the original Star Wars (#4).  Using the comparison feature of the DVP-5100CIE, I saw the immediate difference in the background stars and sharpness of the vertical crawl, setting up the story line.  The Imperial Star Destroyer detail was noticeably enhanced.  The scuff marks and dents on the droids R2D2, and C3PO were evident for the first time.  Wow!
My second test utilized the Blu-Ray version of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001:  A Space Odyssey.  My son and I watched several scenes, specifically, the opening Homo Erectus scenes, followed up with the docking of the Pan Am ship with the space station.  We followed this up with the arrival at Clavius Base, the introduction of the Discovery, and the retrieval of the AE-35 unit.  I saw detail that I had not seen since 1968 with the 70mm presentation.  My son had never seen such detail.  Hoo Boy!
I later went to network presentations on DVR from Direct TV.  The image enhancement was pronounced,  The same has held true for Netflix movies, which I figured would most likely show compression effects.
Thank you for a wonderful product which will allow me to enjoy my Blu-Ray collection at a whole new level.
 I am one happy customer."

Dick Cole - Sent to DarbeeVision Support Email


"Spectacular video and sound quality. I upgraded from the BDP 93, the Darbee video processing is amazing! Definitely recommend this one over the straight 103 model."

Thomas C. Albrecht "Mix Master" - Amazon Verified Purchase


"Ideally, you should just let the [Darblet] do its thing and forget that it's even there…Quite likely,…leaving the Darblet in place for a little while will reset your expectations for what the picture should look like. Removing it at that point will make everything seem dull and soft without it."

JoshZ - AVS Forum, post #7832


"My own experience was to begin [upping] the settings options from 35 HD at the beginning to my present setting of Gaming at 53 and this I have been with and loving for over a year. I guess living with something for a while makes you feel more comfortable about taking some chances."

Mattg3 - AVS Forum, post ##7833


"Just got a Darbee...and I love it!!!... Once I eventually upgrade to 4K Projector...I will not be able to live without a Darbee that can process native 4K images For anyone on the fence...I highly recommend buying the Darbee. I felt the pinch of the cost when I bought it...and now 2 days later...don't regret it one bit. "

scoochie - AVS Forum, post #7784


"All I can say is WOW. I don't know how the Darbee works or what it is doing, but the image is noticeably better with the Darbee on. I am running it on HiDef setting at around +30. Really, really nice. I put on some of my favorites demo discs to play around, Replacement Killers, Phantom Menace, Saving Private Ryan. I've viewed each of them multiple times and could see a definite improvement in image. "

chente - LaserDisc Database Forum


"The Darbee is worth it. I do video quality as part of my profession, and really couldn't see how the Darbee could improve on theoretical near-perfection... but the impact is real."

TechnoCat - AVS Forum, post #3192


"I recently bought the Darbee and am amazed at what it does for LaserDisc - I HATE edge enhancement and the Darbee doesn't add any except at its very highest (120) settings in the Full Pop mode – it’s simply stunningand the image looks like it’s had a layer of fog removed from it. On Blu-ray discs it makes them look like 4k. … Oh, and it enhances 3D discs and gives them greater depth without any artifacting. The Darbee processing is simply incredible - Oppo has incorporated it into their BD players as have many scaler manufacturers. The Darbee is NOT an edge enhancer or anything like you've seen before - it really does seem to increase resolution and detail. My system will never be without the Darbee again. "

disclord - LaserDisc Database Forum


"I got my Darbee today after I talked about the pluses and minuses with my calibrator. I am pleasantly surprised at how well it works. My setup is an Oppo 93 set to Source Direct, connected to my Darbee, and then to my Samsung 64F8500. Chose HiDef at 55 and it really did make the picture pop out more without any artifacts to the picture. Did the demo at 55 on a paused image and I could really tell the difference."

wxman - AVS Forum, post #7674


"After you watch a couple of movies and sports with the Darblet - - you will not want to go back! The colors are very vivid - they pop and image is pristine."

Ricoflashback - AVS Forum, post #7671


"...holy **** to the quality I'm getting now...wow, wow, wow...my pq is truly nothing short of jaw dropping. Also the PS4 which already looks great looked outstanding when connected via the Darbee at 35%...for a guy like me being into this stuff its a new day!!! So glad its Friday so I can go play some more. The Darbee Darblet is truly an awesome product and I highly suggest it!!!!!!"

Wellywell - AVS Forum, post #7654 


"I can only tell you what I see. My system was professionally calibrated to the point I’m getting volumetric lighting when in 3D mode and the Darbee has only made it better. "

Wellywell - AVS Forum, post #7639


"I have the Sony XBR65-X900a and am passing a 1080P signal from my AVR through a Darblet to the display. The PQ is stunning."

AustinJerry - AVS Forum, post #7628


"...Highly suggest the Darblet. Nevermind 2D, the 3D quality on my Panny 8000 is honestly like nothing I've ever seen in a home theater to date other than the new 4k displays. Darbee does for my picture what my subs and buttkickers did and do to my sound. I'm going to lend this to some friends after I've watched more content. Also going to try it with my PS4... Awesome product ... The 103 with the Darblet is just jaw dropping."

Wellywell - AVS Forum, post #7621


"...from testing Darbee tonight, it does make a significant improvement. I was quite impressed. I am really picky about A/V presentations and am looking forward to it being utilized to improve PQ... my early tests suggest it will add a lot. It almost felt like I'd been looking at a new HDTV."

GenPion - AVS Forum, post #2445 103D


"5.0 out of 5 stars Love the OPPO BDP-103D As a videophile I like to use quality products and this is why this is my 4th OPPO Blu-ray player. Having owned the BDP-103 before I decided to upgrade to the Darbee version first day it was released. To make it short Darbee convinced me 100% on my professional calibrated Pioneer Kuro Elite Pro-151FD and I hope that Oppo will offer Darbee equipped payers in the future because if not, that would be a setback for me."

Steven “Cracker” - Amazon Customer Review 


"I see the difference easily on my 47" set and easily on my 82" set. For only $250 to $300 it is a steal. I remember paying many times that for each of many devices over the last twelve years that didn't come anywhere close to what the Darbee can do. People are spoiled when they say the Darbee is expensive. They should have been around when devices similar to that were really expensive. The Darbee easily gives the most bang for the buck of the devices I've purchased over the last twelve years or so. My Algolith Flea I bought in 2007 used to be one of my best bang for the buck devices. But that cost over $900. And that was an excellent deal back then. Which is why a say $250 to $300 in 2014 is easily a great bargain for the Darblet."

aaronwt - AVS Forum, post #7583


"Well I've had my Darbee up and running for about 24 hours now. I knew within the first few minutes I'd keep it. I've spent the last year reading and watching videos on this unit. I've wanted one and am glad I got...it. The effects are subtle on some scenes, and fairly dramatic on others. All in all, it performs exactly like I thought it would. My wife, who couldn't care less about this hobby at all, thought [the picture] looked great and said I should keep [the Darbee]. Nuff said... "

ocezam - The Emotiva Lounge 


"I've been using my Darbee for several months now, and I can't see any difference with it at all. Then I turn it off and wonder why is my image so fuzzy?"

Kilgore - AVS Forum, post #7449 


"I have a 159" screen. And my projector is a Mitsubishi HC 6800. I hooked up the Darbee and didn't tell my wife. She came down and said did u recalibrate or something. I said "no why"? And she sat down and said the picture is great. It was good before but now it's just better. I explained the Darbee and for once she didn't even ask what it cost! Now that's a difference! "

Migraine24-7 - AVS Forum, post #7432 


"After owning and installing a bajillion Darbees...100% of my clients see "dramatic" difference at 45% HiDef (as opposed to "subtle"). And no, none of them pre purchased the Darbee, all I did was put the Darbee in the chain and I showed them with Darbee ON and then I say "let me show you something" and turn off the Darbee processing. All of them asked "why's the picture so blurry now?". Only then I explain to them about the Darbee. As I am NOT a Darbee dealer, they buy the Darbees from various sources and I make zero commission from any of the sale. What I'm trying to say is that none of them knew about Darbee's existence and yet all of them (more than 60 projector setups and more than a couple of dozen TV setups this year alone) see dramatic improvements done by the Darbee."

David Susilo - AVS Forum, post #7426 


"Sitting 10' back from a 10' wide screen it's more than "subtle" and I'm not buying into any "Darbee marketing strategy". My wife wants to sit up front in the 1x sw seats now and doesn't know why. But she really noticed a difference with no placebo effect whatsoever. "Did you calibrate it? Did you put a new lamp in? What did you do?" She has no clue I installed a Darbee, has never heard of it, nor would she really understand it anyway. She just wants to sit up front."

erkq - AVS Forum, post #7412 


"While I normally use Hi-Def at 28% for almost all of my sources, I decided to use Gaming at 28% for Monsters, Inc. BD. Holy dang, I was in constant awe of how amazing it looked; the perceived texture detail of the cg animation was stunning. Highly recommended setting for cg stuff. "

DigitalAV - AVS Forum, post #1564 Oppo 


"Originally Posted by curlyjive: If the internal processing is 10 bits, and it gets 12 bits from the source and the display reports 12 bits.....what's happening with those 2 bits during processing? It's getting a shave and a haircut....( you need sufficient age to get this):) "

thrang - AVS Forum, post #7360


"My first experience with Darbee Visual Presence was when I started using the [Oppo] 103D, and I was skeptical at first. However after having used it for some months now, I really like it and recommend anyone to get the BDP-103D. Oppo + Darbee = Awesomeness"

Smarty-pants - AVS Forum, post #1553 Oppo 


"Best money I've ever spent. I have real problem with 3D depth and especially pop out effect due to astigmatism in both eyes, but with Darbee set at 90-100 The pop out is for me better and the 3D movie depth with 1080p BluRay is shockingly more immersive. Wolverine 3D and Avatar 3D is SO Much Better with the Darbee. Add to the fact I'm doing passive 3D and Life is GOOD with my 3D Now. No More Headaches after watching 3D for me... "

TLMONKEY - Audio Video Forum UK, post#371 


"I am actually quite impressed with the Darbee processing. The hi def setting can produce excellent results. My two teenage daughters said Monsters University looked really good and they hardly ever comment about picture quality. Best looking Bluray I have ever seen...DVD of The Incredibles up scaled to near Bluray quality with Darbee...103D is a precision instrument with Darbee processing and a reference video player. Outstanding clarity. Well worth the extra $100."

dubusduck - AVS Forum, post #974 Oppo 


"Add me to the fan list. I love my recently purchased Darblet. I like HD at about 70 for movies & TV, and full pop at about 70 for NFL football. Currently using it with my Epson 3020 on a monoprice 106 inch screen. The Darblet is magical."

hiperco - AVS Forum, post #7227 


"Love the clear focused pristine no-artifacts look from the processing on all my 3D BD titles using my old Darblet 5000 set @ 35% Pop, connected to my old 720P OLED HMD while using as the source an Oppo 103D with the Darbee control set at 35% High-Def. "

Paul H - AVS Forum, post #7178 


"Oddly, as someone who loves to tinker & tweak everything constantly, I have grown used to leaving the Darbee on like 65 for everything and forgetting about it. Okay, I lied. I do sometimes switch it from Yellow setting to Red setting and then sometimes switch it on and off just to remind myself how awesome it is."

Mp06011999 - AVS Forum, post #7127 


"My first post in the Darbee section. I've actually had one for about 4-5 months now. ...I haven't written a review because there's nothing for me to add that hasn't already been said. To me, it has become an invisible, but essential component in my system. I rarely play around with the settings. I find I like it at 65 to 70 percent in HD. I have to add that I definitely lean towards the audio/video purist side of things. My last rear projection TV was professionally calibrated. I'm not ignorant about the evils of nearly all sharpening or other picture processing circuits. For that reason I was reluctant to get the Darbee. Having said that, the Darbee has been a great purchase!"

curtlots - AVS Forum, post #7044 


"Okay...I've spent 3 months with my Darbee. And I can honestly say, I couldn't imagine viewing without it in the chain. While it improves all sources, I've found that the better the signal...the better the results. For example. It has completely revived enjoyment of my big SD-DVD collection. To my eyes, it has made the difference extremely marginal to almost nonexistent, on most transfers between Blu-Ray/HD-DVD and DVD. Bear in mind I am watching on great upscaling machines to begin with in the Toshiba HD A35 (HD-DVD) and Panasonic Blu-Ray DMP BD35 (stuck with the older model because of more connection flexibility). Both are exceptional upcalers for SD-DVD. But Darbee takes the upscaled images over the top IMO. ...I no longer find myself yearning to buy a new Blu-Ray version of a DVD I already own. I just enjoy the amazing depth, dimensionality and rich color pop imparted by Darbee. I play SD-DVD on Full Pop setting at 55%. And it looks more than excellent IMO. I've never seen those SD-DVDs look this gorgeous! I play my huge library of Blu-Rays and HD-DVDs at Hi-Def-45-55%. And they are just as amazing to me. ...Darbee has totally eliminated my impulse to swap out my SD-DVDs. Darbee has made everything in my HDMI chain simply spectacular. I couldn't be happier. It's a tweaker's dream with all of the settings flexibility. Just a wee bit more or less can yield big results...once you determine your baselines."

Barrelbelly - AVS Forum, post #7041 


"All in all I would say this is a smart buy for anyone that wants to get the best picture quality out of their TV."

PoppaC - AVS Forum, post #7011 


"I recently bought a Darblet and I've been very happy with it...great product, at 1080 the effect is subtle, but noticeable. The biggest change I found are for Laserdiscs, a substantial improvement in picture quality and depth using a moderate HD setting, almost brings a dead medium back to life."

Rchiffelle - AVS Forum, post #7009 


"WOW!!! That’s the first word that came to mind when I fired up my new Darbee DVP 5000 that I just received today. After reading all the positive reviews I realized that I just had to see what the rave was all about… and now that I have seen it, there is no way I can ‘unsee’ it. It’s a keeper, for sure! I am very impressed. First I tried it on my 55” LED Samsung, and then I tried it on my BenQ W7000 on a 110” screen. WOW! This thing appears even better through a pj! The detail I see is amazing. I’ve read some say that they only see a subtle difference, but the difference I see is on the verge of drastic. No video source should be without one. I will certainly never be without one. Since I have only one Darbee for now, and 2 sources (my flat screen and my pj), I am running the output of the Darbee through a splitter… and the effect is still incredible. I was concerned about that at first, but it’s working better than expected. Disclaimer: The writer of this post is in no way affiliated with Darbee … other than as a very satisfied customer…"

Steven414 - AVS Forum, post #7010 


"I am 48 years old and pretty picky when it comes to video (and audio). When I first read about the Darbee, I poo pooed it and gave up reading the thread at AVS for about a month. Then I saw a WHOLE lot of people whose opinions I respect that said they actually LIKE it. Still I poo pooed it. Then someone gave me theirs to play with. I popped it in between the panny projector and the denon receiver and it has never left! Yes, if I turn it up I can get some funky video that looks weird, but at 35-55% on GOOD material..... ! FWIW, I absolutely DESPISE artificial EE on video, but it will be a cold day in Hades before the Darbee leaves my system... It has been said over and over and over that the Darbee SHINES with GOOD/Excellent material, and that has been the case for me as well. ...what it does to good video is amazing... "

cconklin1 - Home Theater Shack Forum


"Thanks DarbeeVision & Paul Darbee for making EVERYTHING look great with my home theater system - - from Satellite TV to Bluray on both my BenQ W1080 projector (100% must have for a projector, no brainer) as well as my Samsung 65" LCD/LED. Your contribution towards helping video and HT enthusiasts enjoy and get the most out of their equipment can be measured in the number of smiles generated each and every viewing day & night across our globe."

Ricoflashback - AVS Forum, post #6988 


"Maybe if I daisy chain all 7 Darbees (Darbi?) Kate Beckinsale will actually pop out of my projection screen and hopefully maybe Jessica Biel too."

David Susilo - AVS Forum, post #6692 


"...You could see the difference in foliage, rocks and clothes on the split screen watching Star Trek the other night. The picture without the Darbee just appeared duller and less well defined. The effect was obvious."

mtenga - Audio Video Forum UK, post #145 


"...This box of tricks will be around for the long run imho. This Darbee and OLED "4K" will be a match made in heaven."

stucarbine - Audio Video Forum UK, post #146 


"Overall, I am actually very impressed with this little box of tricks and I can certainly understand why it has been included in the new Lumagen model - makes perfect sense really. It's quite odd to have an apparently more detailed and brighter image than what 1080p gives... almost akin to watching an upscaled DVD for the first time. You know that there's no extra resolution increase but the image just appears better overall."

DrGekko - Audio Video Forum UK, post #142 


"...my Sony 1000 is improved by the Darbee and has been shown time and time again with and without and so far 100% of the people seeing it have all agreed the Darbee`d image is the better one."

Ideal AV - Audio Video Forum UK, post #144 


"Well impressed so far. I'm watching in split screen mode as I type and it's much sharper with Darbee. Makes it sharper and brighter but not like using the TV's own sharpness setting. You can see a clear difference in both HD and SD. It's like rubbing a duster down one side of the screen."

mtenga - Audio Video Forum UK, post #138 


"I've got a good feeling about this [Darbee] product; Lumagen wouldn't be leasing the technology if it was nothing. Not to mention all the satisfied customers on this thread."

mtenga - Audio Video Forum UK, post #133 


"The good news boppers is that the Yamaha RX-V673 and the Darbee are a match made in heaven! Everything works beautifully together. After months of research, purchasing, installation, you-name-it, I finally sat down last night and calibrated my projector, 7.1 surround sound, Darbee, and everything else in my home theater. It all has come together perfectly -- to the point that as I watched Prometheus (chapter 7) in 3D last night, with the system fully dialed in and cranked to 11, I started laughing out loud. It is incredible...The Darbee brings the "wow factor" to an already mind-blowing experience. I'm happy as a clam! "

analogBalrog - AVS Forum, post #6637 


"I have been messing with my new Darbee and have found a setup I am extremely pleased with. ...after turning on the DNIe in the display AND running the Darbee at 50-70%, I admit to never seeing a better image. Kudos to DarbeeVision....job well done, folks."

oink - AVS Forum, post #6614 


"...as a owner of a Darbee I love it, for what it does and the price you pay for it, it's best home cinema gadget I have. Even friends who come round are impressed with it. It comes into its own when I watch certain films, prime example is The Dark Knight. Especially close up of the jokers face, one stand out sequence is when Harvey Dent is in hospital tied to the bed, The Joker is tormenting him just before he blows up the hospital. On both Harvey Dent/Two Face and The Joker's face in close ups, when I switch the Darbee on/off you can clearly see a increase in fine detail, especially The Jokers face paint. Another example is Hot Fuzz, again there various scenes were there is close ups of people's faces it brings a sharper more detailed look to the image, it's not just close up scenes. I could list endless other examples but you have to see it with your eyes to appreciate what it does. I remember when it 1st came available in the UK, there was a few people knocking it saying it was a cheap gimmick, even respected calibrators, but it's funny how those doubters have now gone quiet, since Darbee and Lumagen have now come together."

Phil1975 - Audio Video Forum UK, post #119 


"It's actually quite cool how it works. It can work out what parts of an image are in focus, or are the focus of the frame, and it works its magic on those parts, leaving the blurred out of focus areas alone. This is important as it means it doesn't amplify film grain or noise. It is not an immediately obvious sharpening effect unless you ramp it up to nutter levels but when you have it set discreetly it enhances the image, then when you remove it the image suddenly looks soft.....but you'd never had said it was soft before you put the Darbee in. I think many folk were philosophically opposed to it as it changes the signal...but of course, the processing in all displays changes the signal. You can see it altering colours etc if you do use the wrong settings though so it is a case of less is more...."

Gordon@ConvergentAV - Audio Video Forum UK, post #120 


"As a former Oppo 83 and current 93 and 103 owner I can say without hesitation the Darbee will make a noticeable difference. There are no equivalent tweaks in any of the Oppos. I use my Darbee almost exclusively for BDs."

Obie_fl - AVS Forum, post #6596 


"I am so looking forward to NFL season, especially now adding the Darbee. I think the number one reason the NFL has gained popularity so much in the last 10 years is due primarily to the HD coverage of the game. It is undeniably saturated with HD camera coverage. We see things never before possible that if you wish to "see" the game, you watch it on TV. I bought my Darbee last August and then our local football team, The Falcons, had a winning season and I believe the Darbee was the reason. :-) "

hometheatergeek - AVS Forum, post #6600 


"You really do need to turn it on and leave it on for a week or so. Then, turn it off and wonder who put Vaseline on your screen."

Kilgore - AVS Forum, post #6595 


"And that's the thing about the Darbee... there's nothing like it, not even your Oppo's Detail Enhancer. And I think most agree, nothing does what it does as well as it does it."

erkq - AVS Forum, post #6516 


"What it does is like getting your eye glass prescription updated, things all of a sudden look just a bit clearer, sharper and more detailed. At first it seems as if it's just turning up the brightness, but that's not really what's happening, the detail in the image just becomes more clear, without any of the edge enhancements artifacts that many detailers will do. When you first get it try it with some documentary material, something that has a lot of talking heads. I watched We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists via Vudu which is loaded with varying image quality interviews and when I turned the effect off/on while viewing this material I was really impressed at how it improved the overall image. Pay close attention to facial features and hair, you'll be able to tell right away what the device is doing."

keenan - AVS Forum, post #6521 


"...I bought a used Darblet for my parents' Sony HD RPTV that is only 960i with DVI-D w/HDCP. It gives the TV a new lease of life. The TV never looked so good! PS: It's my 5th Darblet. "

David Susilo - AVS Forum, post #6530 


"Yeah, I know... I'm David and I'm addicted to Darblets. :-)"

David Susilo - AVS Forum, post #6535 


"I think the way the Darblet works is that once you put it in your system, if you turn it off, the image looks blurrier than you remember it ever looking before you put the thing in in the first place. At least that's how it seemed to me. "

Kilgore - AVS Forum, post #6531 


"Go back and read the last ten pages of this very thread - nearly each page has at least one VERY skeptical visitor... Even the reviewers at Sound & Vision Magazine, and Home Theater Magazine prefaced their reviews with statements of approaching it prepared to hate it and 'expose the king as having no clothes' - but all ended up amazed and praising it, then buying it for their own personal use. That kind of thing. The Darbee remains one of HT's biggest secrets, because a lot of people (unaware pros and otherwise) simply can't believe that something that on first glance sounds like, and looks like some money scamming hoax, turns out to do exactly what it claims to do, and makes such a GOOD difference!"

Mad Norseman - AVS Forum, post #6506


"Well, it will be interesting to see what it would do with 4k. The Darblet is not a resolution enhancer, so theoretically it could have just large effect on 4k too. It's a contrast and detail enhancer which is more than just resolution."

erkq - AVS Forum, post #6513 


"Just get it, you'll love it. I suppose one way of describing it would be that it's subtle, but provides an incredibly impressive result. I was skeptical at first, seems too good to be true, but after about 4-5 days playing with it I can say it's some of the best money I ever spent on HT gear."

keenan - AVS Forum, post #6514 


"The Darbee is something that you don't even know (or think) you need until you turn it off. If you're one of the average Joe's that doesn't even know what avsforum is, then no, you won't gain anything from a video processor or calibration even. But if you are here, ABSOLUTELY. Buy it. I bought 2! My wife doesn't understand why I keep turning it off and on again while watching stuff. I tell her it's because I wanna keep being "wowed". Btw, I'd like to plug a Darbee into my eyes so that the world would look better."

mp06011999 - AVS Forum, post #6490


"Well...the Darblet 5000 came Saturday. I plopped it inline between my Monoprice 4x2 Matrix switcher and Hitachi 65F59. The picture quality improved immediately and dramatically from all source devices (Blu-Ray...HD-DVD...FIOS...Xbox 360). I was very impressed. And my initial reaction was Superb! There was noticeable clarity and depth of images imparted from all sources without any noticeable artifacts. I was actually amazed by how much the Darblet improved the HD picture over FIOS. I had read in this thread, that it was not as dramatic with Cable/SAT. That was not true in my case. Here are some of the tangible things I observed...that actually stunned me. On the Disney WOW "Visions" disk, the picture became so clear and deep that I actually saw things that were unobservable before. For example...during the "Cloud" sequence...There was a brief flash midway through the filming where I recognized several birds that flew before the cameras, that were set for time lapse photography. It shocked me because I had not seen the birds or that happen before. I reversed back to the scene and played it with Darbee and without. With Darbee it was clear as glass and looked unintended. Without Darbee...the birds vanished on my display. There were several other time lapse "ghost images" in different sequences that became just as noticeable. I was super impressed. On the HD-DVD video essentials disk...new smoke plumes emerged around the shuttle in that demo. The Ferris wheel colors became vibrant and shiny as opposed to just Blah. There were too many other noticeable improvements in that demanding disk to mention here. My wife...who doesn't care about my video toys at all...noticed the difference immediately. And proclaimed the Darbee picture better...and no contest. With that said...I got some excellent calibration tips from Lastbutnotleast via PM. And continued to tweak the Hitachi for optimal results. Better effort in equals better results out with the Darblet. Every change I made improved the PQ. And when Darbee was turned on...PQ became unmatched IMO. I'm sure glad I didn't spring for that Plasma now. The Hitachi/Darblet combo is nothing short of AWESOME! ...The Darblet really helps that technology reach its full potential."

Barrelbelly - AVS Forum, post #6484 


"Just set up my new Darbee and did some comparisons on Daniel Craig's face in Skyfall with demo mode split screen and 60 percent on hi def. Wow every little detail on his face stands out and the look of the enhancement is amazing. Also makes u feel better about yourself when you see all the wrinkles on his face:) Anyway I am very happy with this product so far..."

Dfp84 - AVS Forum, post #6393 


"It's black magic, the dark arts. Sshhhhh!!! not a word to anyone. *wink*"

pieandchips - AVS Forum, post #6202 


"Yup... I'm a "purist" and don't like "processing" of this type either. Heck, I don't even like scaling. I use processors to set gamma, grayscale and a 3D Color Cube LUT, but these are more for calibration rather than processing. The Darbee is the first "processor" I've liked. I use it religiously. I love it and I've never heard any "purist" say it ruins the picture... never. Has anyone who has seen it said they don't like it? Anyone??"

erkq - AVS Forum, post #6203 


"On my 16 ft screen, the Darblet effect on 3D is even more startling than with 2D, There is a greater perceived sense of depth, improved sharpness, and much better defined contrast. The colors even look richer, without actually being altered in any way. I humbly congratulate Paul Darbee and your company on having a magnificent product. That's my honest opinion after a lifetime involvment in motion pictures in exhibition and projection. The difference the Darblet makes reminds me of what an impression it made on me with picture quality when I installed 70mm projectors in my Theater, over the old 35mm back in the 1960's. I'm happy!"

Warren Thomson - Email 


"Dave Abrams spent a full day recently with Joe Kane of JK Productions (maker of the DVE: HD Basics video calibration disks amongst other things) to evaluate the Darbee unit. Both of these guys are ultra video purists of the "no enhancement processors needed in the video chain" type. They could see the effects of the Darbee in the Zone plate tests but when they looked at actual video material, they LOVED it... an emotion they couldn't explain, being the video purists they are. They said the Darbee was the best and least intrusive video enhancement device they've ever seen and wouldn't mind having one in their system."

dmusoke - AVS Forum, post #9079 Oppo 


"I found the Darbee quite by accident -- I fully expected it to be a farce, but several very hard nose users gave it good reviews. To find out I ordered one and after 2 hours I can say without reservation -- The Darbee Darblet is AMAZING. Especially on 3D. My Sony HW30 is very good on its own, and I am using an Oppo 103 as a source, but it's a whole new game with the Darbee in the circuit. 'Good' sources are notably better, but excellent sources become incredible. While watching the Avengers in 3D, the screen disappears and becomes a window onto a vibrant 3D world. The scene in the control room -- the room is rendered in a remarkable 3D while the Directors being viewed on flat screens look entirely two dimensional, just like it would in, well, reality. At first I was ready to be disappointed by the plastic chiclet case, but it makes so much sense now. The device is vanishingly small and easy to hide, and I'm happy to pay $320 for the plastic case rather than another $500 for a deluxe milled aluminum rackmount that looks cool but puts nothing more on the screen. The Darbee Darblet is a winner. Buy it. Buy it now. . . . Why are you still hanging around the forum -- go order it!!!!"

friendlyfire - AVS Forum, post #6141 


"Been using my Darblet a lot and it really is one of the best pieces of equipment I have ever bought. The increased picture quality and sharpness on my AE4000 is just night and day."

avswilier - AVS Forum, post #6144 


"So I've had my Darblet for a little less than a week and I love it. Tried it on a small LED and it was good. Moved it to my old RPTV and via the BDP it's great. It has done wonders via IPTV HD. The sweeping demo mode really shows this thing off. Still playing around with the settings but so far HD at 60% is what I've set it at. Best $300 I've spent. I can only imagine what the picture would look like displayed on a new TV. Damn thing is making me want to find out sooner than I had planned for."

Squigly1 - AVS Forum, post #6145 


"Yes, this thing is so easy and so good it should be on every billboard and every flat surface everywhere. They say doubt anything that is too good to be true. In my long life and having been burned many times, this is the exception. Wish I had invented it. Too cool for cool. Buy it. Wear it out. Buy another."

friendlyfire - AVS Forum, post #6146 


"The Darbee is removing blurriness, NOT adding sharpness (although perceptually it looks like it's adding sharpness) That is the reason I'm pro-Darbee processing because I have even tried it with my own still photos (so I know what's supposed to be there) and when the data is not there, the Darbee does nothing to my photos."

David Susilo - Hi-Def Digest Forum, post #264 


"When I first saw a Darbee my first reaction was that its a little box of magic. I believe I was right back then as I still think the same now, these are magical, maybe even voodoo."

Ideal AV - Audio Video Forum UK, post #99 


"I love my Darbee. Wouldn't want to be without it."

Eitzel - Audio Video Forum UK, post #102 


"As I was watching the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Broadcast last night - - with my Darblet on, of course (Samsung 65 LCD/LED ES8000) - - I couldn't help but be amazed, again, at the incredible picture enhancement from the Darbee Darblet. I occasionally "toggle" the Darblet on and off with various source material to see the "effect" on parts of the screen. I also reread the Darbee "Whitepaper" again regarding "Stereovision" and "Luminance Modulation." To those who are researching the Darblet and wondering if it's right for you AND what it does - - here is my best explanation: It all gets down to "Luminance" - color brightness, pop and depth - - without artifacts. I'm sure other folks far more technical than myself can better explain - - but the picture enhancement and beautiful, bright colors and depth are really remarkable. I already have a great picture (satellite & Bluray) - - but I would find it hard to watch my TV and projector without the Darblet. Simply amazing! "

Ricoflashback - AVS Forum, post #6122 


"The Darblet gives you a lot of flexibility to choose the effect level that looks best for the particular content and your preference. "

Henrich3 - AVS Forum 


"...based on the response the Darblet has gotten from the community, I'm guessing they will have a lot of companies lining up to license their tech. They recently inked a deal Lumagen."

gweempose - AVS Forum, post #6057 


"If you're "on the fence" about the Darblet, adding it to my home theater makes the projected image to my 106" screen have the clarity/depth/sharpness of a 55" LED TV. Very impressive."

Coach KG - AVS Forum, post #6016 


"I've been doing the 'zoom' method on my JVC RS20 with the Darblet. Really does make a difference. However, I just got an old panamorph u100 anamorphic lens and now the Darblet is COMPLETELY NESSESARY!!!! Either way, I don't care what the box looks like, but seeing an obvious improvement in PQ is believing on this little jewel."

KBMAN - AVS Forum, post #6015 


"Add me to the list of happy Darblet users. I got mine in last night, set it to HDTV at 55% after some fiddling with test patterns and reference material, then put in Rise Of The Guardians. As if that movie didn't look amazing enough... We ended up watching the whole movie. So while I was a bit of a video purist and had tweaked my projector about as far as one could to get as close to the source material as possible, I'm a believer now. Can't wait to play with it some more tonight!"

Jeremy Anderson - AVS Forum, post #6002 


"It's a very intriguing product. I've never had an image enhanced so much with no discernible side-effects and at the same time I can't really figure out exactly what it is I'm seeing that's different. Perplexing, really... but good."

erkq - AVS Forum 


"I really like that Lumagen is adding this superior "sharpening"/"detail enhancement" process to their scalers/processors. I hope projector and flat-screen manufacturers will do the same for their high end products. It certainly is preferable to me than many of the current sharpening processes used in these displays."

Rice Rocket - AVS Forum, post #5908 


"I like my Darbee - one of the most interesting items I've added to my theater in the last 5 years!"

Craig Peer - AVS Forum 


"I don't think I've ever had a device give so much bang for so little buck."

aaronwt - AVS Forum 


"...The universal truth that I see is that the Darbee, even still clumsily operated by its new owner, adds significant detail and clarity benefits to virtually everything I watch. Yes it is often subtle, but the more you play around with it, the more you appreciate what it does. ...Which brings me to the Avatar 3D experience I had today...Wow. The impact was huge. Stunning depth and detail. Sort of the OMG thing you hope for, but don't dare expect. It was killer. I went into this Darbee experiment with an open mind, as ready to be disappointed as pleased. I can already tell that I can't imagine not having the Darbee, and that it gives my projector a boost that I would only expect to see at a significantly higher price point."

mogrub - AVS Forum


"Just a quick update on my Lumagen 2021…As for the video quality, with the Darbee combined to VXP enhancements the video quality is top notch!"

RickAVManiac - AVS Forum, post #56 Lumagen


" RE: Use of Darbee Darblet for a Projector - in my case, the BenQ W1080ST. Absolute "no brainer!" Instant and immediate improvement in clarity, sharpness and detail. Wonderful addition to anyone's Home Theater setup. To me, the fact that folks with much more expensive projectors than mine use the Darblet tells me a lot. Plus - - it's starting to be integrated into high end processors - - which makes real business sense, company wise. I couldn't be happier - - the Darblet really increases my "Cinemascope" and big theater experience!"

Ricoflashback - AVS Forum 


"I still love mine....and like some here in the past, have used GAME @ 50%.....but I've settled back down to HD @ 50%.....that's the great thing about it; you choose what you want for your own setup/tastes......cool product for sure! "

KBMAN - AVS Forum 


"I am really, really impressed by the effect this little gadget has on my picture!"

AidenL - Audio Video Forum UK


"I absolutely love this piece of hardware. Watched Monsters Inc 3D and Megamind 3D with it so far and it's amazing. The level of depth and extra pizazz it adds is incredible. I also thought these films were amazing pictures anyway, but throw the Darbee into the equation, and WOW! Even my partner could see the difference (which is rare for a non av addict to notice anything, but he could see the extra detail it brings out). ...Don't think about this, just buy it!!!!!!"

antsims - Audio Video Forum UK 


"...I like it. My wife was even impressed by the results and she does not really care all that much about TV pictures."

alternety - Home Theater Forum 


"It seems that Lumagen (is) sufficiently impressed with what the Darbee can do, they have chosen to include the tech in their forthcoming Radiance 2021 model, as announced today! So for anybody doubting the validity of using a Darbee in the calibration/image optimization process, obviously the kings of calibration, Lumagen, have given it a firm thumbs up! "

Wookii - Audio Video Forum UK 


"Just my 2 cents here. I bought the Darbee a week ago just for kicks to see what all the hype was about. I fully expected to be sending it back to amazon for a credit. I have a Sony HW-50 with a Stewart Studio-Tek 1.3 gain 120 inch screen. After living with it now for a week I'm just loving what I see here. I have settled on 30% Full Pop mode."

eddiew - AVS Forum 


"Just my 2 cents here. I bought the Darbee a week ago just for kicks to see what all the hype was about. I fully expected to be sending it back to Amazon for a credit. I have a Sony HW-50 with a Stewart Studio-Tek 1.3 gain 120 inch screen. After living with it now for a week I'm just loving what I see here. I have settled on 30% Full Pop mode."

eddiew - AVS Forum 


"Can't imagine you would still not benefit from the Darbee. I have a professionally calibrated(D-Nice)Samsung 8500 and an Oppo 83 and using a Darbee has really made the picture pop as compared to without the Darbee."

Mattg3 - AVS Forum 


"I see a clear improvement in PQ on a isf calibrated 60" Pioneer 141FD Signature Monitor. Considered by many to be the best display ever produced. Among other improvements, blacks are even blacker and deep shadow detail is more discernible, which I wouldn't have thought possible."

elphillips - AVS Forum 


"In my experience, regardless of how well calibrated a display is, the Darblet improves clarity. It may be more subtle on some sets than others, but there is still an improvement."

AustinJerry - AVS Forum 


"The Darbee is truly an amazing plug-n-play device that probably adds immediate PQ improvement to most modern TVs. All you have to do is read this forum to hear about all the happy customers. I truly recommend the Darbee based upon my own personal experience connecting the Darbee to my old 2010 Sony XBR LCD/LED."

LBJ2 - AVS Forum 


"I have a pro calibrated plasma and the Darb is essential to me now. And I set it lower than most! "

fjames - AVS Forum 


"The Darbee is truly an amazing plug-n-play device that probably adds immediate PQ improvement to most modern TVs. All you have to do is read this forum to hear about all the happy customers. I truly recommend the Darbee based upon my own personal experience connecting the Darbee to my old 2010 Sony XBR LCD/LED."

LBJ2 - AVS Forum 


"5.0 out of 5 stars Slick eye candy for your projector I bought this after reading some positive reviews over on AVS forums. I have an Epson 3010 projector and have always loved it, but one of the things I noticed was the sharpness seemed to lack compared with DLP projectors. After hooking it up, I instantly noticed the difference. It can be adjusted to suit the look you want. The "look" is sort of like HDR photography. It exaggerates existing aspects of detail and appears to increase color saturation on other details. Hard to explain, but once you have one, you can appreciate what it does for a lower end projector. Overall I feel it's improved the quality of the picture...subtle, but worth it."

T. Jackson - Amazon Verified Purchase 


"Have had my Darblet for a couple of weeks now. Love this piece of equipment, it has to be the most improvement I have seen for this amount of money. Watched Skyfall tonight on Blu-Ray and it was nothing short of amazing. I watched Rango earlier and it was like looking through a window. Great product. "

SRussell - AVS Forum 


"Animation is absolutely breathtaking with the Darblet engaged. "

SRussell - AVS 


"The difference is like night and day. "

phillyguy83 - Home Theater Forum 


"The Darbee does two things, at least for me. It adds both depth and sharpness to the picture. No problems at all with pixilation, unless you crank it up way too high. I've read in more than one place about how it "lifts the veil" from the picture, and I agree completely with that analogy. The picture looks clearer and deeper. Now that I have it, I can't imagine going back. "

phillyguy83 - Home Theater Forum 


"Basically, I think it's worth every dollar I spent on it. "

phillyguy83 - Home Theater Forum


"First of my neighbors is here to watch Superbowl opening, with mouth literally wide open at the PQ using the Darbee on my 55" LG and Dishnetwork. He keeps turning it on and off in disbelief. He's on my computer ordering one. (with permission from his wife...) "

Tampa8 - AVS Forum 


"Well worth the money guys. Have had it with my x35 for a while now. Over 100 hours. The other day was turned off for some reason. I think one of my kids pulled the socket. Anyways,I noticed something wrong with the picture immediately. Makes a big difference. Wont ever be selling it. "

murcury10 - DTV Australia


"This Darblet was incredible on Blade Runner bluray, which has some of the most incredible lighting sets ever made. The device just brings out so much detail given the complexity of textures in this movie... You have to try this reference quality disc!!! "

avswilier - AVS Forum 


"I am extremely pleased with what the [Darbee Darblet] does....2 thumbs up! "

hodges69 - AVS Forum 


"I received my DVP 5000 yesterday, and I AM REALLY IMPRESSED! I kept thinking while in the DEMO/wipe mode, SURELY that's not the unprocessed image...being that soft or veiled?! It's exactly as one reviewer wrote, as though a thin video haze or film is peeled back off the image. Apparently Mr. Darbee and crew DID do some research and homework into brain and eye functions as the White Paper states. "

HighDefMike - Home Theater Forum


"It truly does enhance the image, it brings out highlights and fine object detail in a very nice way. As others have described it's like getting better optics for my projector. "

Plissken99 - Hi-Def Digest Forum


"What’s most interesting, if you listen to what the inventor says on the Darbee home page, that it's based on a neural science discovery on how the brain perceives contrast. Because from where I sit it does visibly increase contrast perception, as well as sharpness, yet when I stand next to the screen and turn [the effect] on and off, it does not actually sharpen the image or make details clearer, strands of hair don't become more distinct, but from where I sit they do. "

Plissken99 - Hi-Def Digest Forum 


"I was about to ask what my Nephew had done to improve the picture when he started showing me how [the Darblet] works. I was thinking wow what a difference from the last time I saw a movie on his set up. I really was/am impressed. I'm going to buy one."

BassEarDrum - Home Theater Forum 


"I was about to ask what my Nephew had done to improve the picture when he started showing me how [the Darblet] works. I was thinking wow what a difference from the last time I saw a movie on his set up. I really was/am impressed. I’m going to buy one. "

BassEarDrum - Home Theater Forum 


"I [saw] a sharper image, but it was not what I was expecting. It was very likable and did not have the usual nasties (distortions) that are so common with these devices. "

mp20748 - Home Theater Forum 


"I think a better word [for the effect] would be 'Image Tightening' - It appears to somehow tighten the image from both sides without the nasties [distortions]. "

mp20748 - Home Theater Forum 


"...for the price, I think for the first time, there is a device out there worth the money that will actually improve on the image, and will do so without making the projected CRT image look like a cheap digital. Would I own one? Absolutely. "

mp20748 - Home Theater Forum 


"5.0 out of 5 stars Makes a great picture, better! I bought this after reading review after review (on the home theater forums. I can honestly say that I was very skeptical of what this tiny little box would do to my picture. I have a JVC RS45 projector shooting to a 124" wide Cinemascope screen, about 17' from the projector, in a dedicated theater. The bluray images are being processed through a DVDO DUO as well, so I was seeing a fantastic picture before. Now after installing this little gem right after the DVDO processor, I grabbed a Bluray (Hunger Games) and went to a scene where I was able to pause a clear shot of an actors face. Turned the DARBEE on, raised it to 55% and toggled between ON/OFF. WOW! The effect was crazy. Some people attribute the effect as if a film is cleaned off the screen. I see that AND an increased depth in all areas where there is contrast. The Hunger Games is a little noisy so I ended up liking the DARBEE effect more at 50% for this movie. But upon throwing in a very clean movie, Avengers....The DARBEE level was raised to 65% without any noticeable background specks and HOLY MOLY does it improve an already stellar image for this film. I am very pleased with this device. To think of all the $$$ I have spent on equipment to get the best possible picture for the money...this dude is worth 4x what I paid. Now I would think that a normal sized screen (50" diag) might not be as dramatic a difference, but believe me.. at theater sized screens (mine is approximately 135" diag) IT IS A GAME CHANGER. "

BroncoSport - Amazon Verified Purchase


"I am very happy with the Darblet and the effect it has on DirecTV and BluRay discs. I have my source components feeding a Denon 2113 which feeds the Darblet. The Darblet then outputs to my Panasonic VT50. You can adjust the effect from relatively subtle to in-your-face enhanced. I settled on the HD setting at 50%. The icing on the cake is that Logitech has the unit in their database so it's easy to control via a single unified remote. "

Stixx - AVS Forum 


"It's fantastic. I'm not sure what magic Darbee has incorporated into this little box, but as said previously, it is like lifting the veil. "

Vicious1 - AVS Forum 


"I never would have thought some in-line device would improve a HD signal so drastically aside from going to full 4k. Boy was I wrong. "

Vicious1 - AVS Forum 


"Once you have owned one of these [Darblets] for months and have settled in with a setting you [like], you will realize this is the best display advancement since HDTV first showed up with its outrageously-priced plasmas in 2002. I could never watch a film now without my Darbee in place. Bring on Oled or 4 k or whatever, just make sure you use a Darbee with it."

Mattg3 - AVS Forum 


"Well, after playing with this thing for about a week, I am thinking that this is the best thing since sliced bread. "

BobNelson - AVS Forum 


"Once you have owned one of these [Darblets] for months and have settled in with a setting you [like], you will realize this is the best display advancement since HDTV first showed up with its outrageously-priced plasmas in 2002. I could never watch a film now without my Darbee in place. Bring on Oled or 4 k or whatever, just make sure you use a Darbee with it. "

Mattg3 - AVS Forum 


"Way cool on the Lumagen licensing…two awesome companies. "

Obie_fl - AVS Forum 


"I can't imagine not using it! "

Tampa8 - AVS Forum 


"I was skeptical. Just installed mine on a 60" Samsung. Reminds me of the same visual sensation that I get when I put my glasses on. Everything in better focus. Going to need at least one more Darbee for my Projector. "

wuudogg - AVS Forum 


"I just added one of these to my theater. I'm really liking the added definition, especially on movies with big impressive landscape shots. A true bargain! "

z-man99 - Blu-Ray Forum 


"I have owned the Darbee for quite some time and love it. At the [price] I paid, it easily has the most bang-for-the-buck of any video product I have ever purchased. "

Audioguy - AVS Forum 


"Wow! I've owned many different video processors over the years, and this is by far the most impressive "out of the box" solution. It’s like getting a new TV...my 73" DLP is five years old, and the picture now makes the old image look like we were viewing it through screen door. "

Singlemalt - Amazon Verified Purchase 


"Just got the Dish Hopper system this week, a great combo with the Darblet! And the video image from my Oppo BD 95, which was already excellent, is now spooky good. Bottom line...I'm buying another for my Mitsu 82" DLP. Looks like Darbee for Christmas this year!!! "

Singlemalt - Amazon Verified Purchase 


"The folks who don't appreciate the [Darblet] should consider seeing an optometrist. "

Singlemalt - Amazon Verified Purchase 


"I had a group of co-workers over for movie night. After the movie several asked if I had gotten a new projector since they noticed a "sharper" image. Mind you, I am a DLP owner (Planar 8150), so it's plenty sharp....but the Darbee with increase detail and imaging brings out the best in this DLP. "

Rboster - AVS Forum 


"Every time my chronic upgrade bug starts acting up...I am hard pressed after adding the Darbee to upgrade my projector at this time. It will be another round (or two) or new bare bulbs swapped out before I replace the projector. Thanks again Dr. Darbee!"

Rboster - AVS Forum 


"If I saw TVs side by side, I would pay more for one that had the Darbee effect. "

Tampa8 - AVS Forum 


"Imagine you were shopping for a new display, and two were side by side. They were the same, except one had the Darbee picture and the other didn't (not because of the Darbee, but just the nature of the thing.) Which would you buy if the sharper one was $300 more? "

Fjames - AVS Forum 


"HD used in moderation is a subtle, global change that looks like something that should have been there to begin with. There's no down side when it works. By that I mean, the better the picture, the better the effect. "

Fjames - AVS Forum 


"Turn it on and leave it on for a couple weeks. Then turn it off again. Once you've gotten used to it, you'll find yourself rubbing your eyes because everything looks so hazy without it. "

JoshZ - AVS Forum 


"I continue to be beyond impressed with it. "

Tampa8 - AVS Forum 


"Overall I am really happy with the device and the picture it can produce. I thought I could not get a better picture in terms of details but this really does bring out hidden details "

a3ian300zx - Audio Video Forum UK 


"I won one on the Home Theater Cruise! I can't wait to get it! This is something I have wanted for awhile! "

Scott Greczkowski - AVS Forum 


"Subtle doesn't mean slight. A slight improvement is turning the Darbee up just a couple of notches. A subtle improvement is turning it up to where most seem to be around 50%. But even at subtle, some scenes are actually WOW - close up of faces, foliage. I think some are thinking of subtle in the negative - like it doesn't do all that much. We are using subtle as it does quite a lot but still keeps the picture real, not distorted or artifacts everywhere. I am not aware of anything else available to us that does what the Darbee can do. It's a combination of looking clearer and sharper, with the emphasis on clearer. "

Tampa8 - AVS Forum 


"The Darblet makes high definition what it was supposed to be."

Aydu - AVS Forum



"The "clean screen" effect and the additional detail the device shows is often startling - especially with close-up shots. Background textures also take on a very "real" appearance, rather than just being a part of the scenery. "

Aydu - AVS Forum 


"Never saw these details like this before. "

Aydu - AVS Forum 


"It's definitely like taking a shammy to a grimy window. "

funstuff - AVS Forum


"The new Blu-ray transfer of Lawrence of Arabia looked amazing! Same with the remake of Total Recall and animated content like Tintin, but I was really impressed with some of the foreign/art house type films I have. The European stuff tends to have a lot of facial close ups and great composition overall - Oslo 31 August (Norwegian) and Control (British B&W) looked fantastic! "

funstuff - AVS Forum 


"I fear the day that this thing dies after using it in my setup long-term; I'd never be able to go back! "

funstuff - AVS Forum 


"Is the difference subtle? Yes. That's a good thing. You don't want it to severely distort and exaggerate the picture. The Darblet does what many of us have paid considerably more money for in the past when upgrading from display to display. It provides that little bit of extra boost to the picture quality without any noticeable negative side effects. It's akin to upgrading your TV or projector to the next model up, but at a [much better] price. "

JoshZ - AVS Forum 


"I'm now a Darbee Believer. I really believe videophiles will appreciate the extra bit of pop that gets squeezed out of the image. Impressive device. "

Karnis - AVS Forum


"Just got my first Darbee and I’m using it with the Sony hmz-t2. Really an impressive device, it really sharpened the image up. This is what HD should be ultra sharp n clear but more so on gaming than movies. I’m so impressed I have an order on a second Darbee for my other hmz-t2 as I want one per unit. "

vaktmestern - Audio Video Forum UK


"This little device is just phenomenal! "

CoreyW - AVS Forum


"The thing is it works on everything. I watched: Vivre Sa Vie which is 50 years old and the Darbee improved it nicely. With no bad effects. "

Badas - Blu-Ray Forum 


"This is truly the most magical "add-on" since Carver's Digital Time Lens. "

David Susilo - AVS Forum 


"Two Brothers-in-Law were here for dinner, both have higher end TVs, one installs TV systems in restaurants and bars. I said nothing about the Darbee, commercial was on with Rodgers from Green Bay in front of the classroom. When they saw his face and the clarity of his whiskers etc... they were as impressed as I have ever seen them about a TV picture. The game itself they remarked how clear/sharp everything is, and asked if I had a pro calibration. Both are buying a Darbee. "

Tampa8 - AVS Forum 


"Once you have it you can't live without it."

Badas - Blu-Ray Forum 


"The Darblet is my new best friend. Never thought I could take my Mitsubishi HC-3800 to the next level like this. Thanks again! "

CoreyW - AVS Forum 


"No one can say if something is worth it monetarily for someone else. For me, the price of a Darbee is well, well, worth it. I know of no other device on the market, certainly in that price range that does what the Darbee does. The detail, down to the stubble on men adds a lot to the enjoyment of watching TV/movies. "

Tampa8 - AVS Forum 


"After you've had it for a while, you'll turn it off and be amazed. Then you'll turn it back on and leave it that way forever. "

LastButNotLeast - AVS Forum 


"After about 15 minutes with the Darblet in the signal chain, turning off the Darblet made the image seem out of focus. It was like my brain had gotten used to the detail it was receiving. Similar to taking off your glasses. "

Aydu - AVS Forum 


"While I was expecting additional sharpness to the details on the screen, I was surprised that the greater impact seemed to be the clarity that the Darblet provided to the entire image. "

Aydu - AVS Forum 


"I was pleased that the introduction of the Darblet did not add any negative noise or distraction from the image. "

Aydu - AVS Forum 


"The effect of the Darblet is like cleaning a window, removing a fine film that clouds the image, making for the best image I've seen on a screen anywhere. "

Aydu - AVS Forum 


"I just wanted to check-in to say how pleased I am with the Darblet. I work in Engineering Operations at the NBC and Fox affiliates in West Palm Beach, Florida so I'm exposed to uncompressed HDTV video from our studio cameras on professional monitors every day. Darbee processing is something I never would have believed possible had I not experienced it myself. I bought one based on AVS Member recommendations. I'm using it with the Sony Playstation3 Blu-Ray Disc player and DirecTV HR21 DVR (to be replaced with the DirecTV HR34 DVR and the DirecTV AM21 ATSC Tuner this week) through an HDMI-equipped Pioneer AV receiver. The Darblet feeds a Vivitek H1080FD on a 92" Draper screen at home and the results have been outstanding. I fairly quickly settled on the HD Mode at 60% after playing with it for a few days and I'm amazed at how much sleep I've lost just ogling the incredible pictures. "

David McRoy - AVS Forum 


"There are (and were) several ‘sharpening’ processors out there that cost into the thousands, yet do not do what the Darblet does. I feel the Darblet is a steal for what it does. "

KBMAN - AVS Forum 


"The Darblet just makes the viewing experience better. More detail is as good a way of describing it as any (I do find myself studying hair and freckles a lot more than I used to!). You will love it. "

LastButNotLeast - AVS Forum 


"I'm 1000% sold. I can't wait til Christmas gets here. The Darblet has even pushed Halo 4 to the backburner with me...a miracle indeed! I don't want to play it until I have my Darblet in line."

Barrelbelly - AVS Forum 


"I’m 1000% sold. I can’t wait til Christmas gets here. The Darblet has even pushed Halo 4 to the backburner with me…a miracle indeed! I don’t want to play it until I have my Darblet in line. "

Barrelbelly - AVS Forum 


"The Darblet actually drew me into the scene and made me perceive the totality of the environment around me. "

Barrelbelly - AVS Forum 


"It's like I'm dialing in the focus on my projector better."

Blastermaster - AVS Forum 


"At first glance, the effect may seem subtle, but it is significant enough that I find it makes my movies look much nicer. It’s totally worth it. "

Blastermaster - AVS Forum 


"It’s like I’m dialing in the focus on my projector better."

Blastermaster - AVS 


"I have had my Darblet for a few days now and frankly I am amazed at the picture improvement this little box of tricks can achieve. Clarity, definition and shadow detail improve noticeably."

TheLimey - High Def Digest Forum


"The Darblet is giving my BDs and DVDs a new lease on life. No EE whatsoever despite the improvement in clarity and sharpness."

TheLimey - High Def Digest Forum 


"The difference in the normal picture and that through the Darblet is absolutely pronounced. The Darblet is definitely uncovering picture detail that is in the encode of your discs that setups without simply do not achieve. One very happy owner. "

tkbryant - High Def Digest Forum 


"My Darblet makes my TV look like a 4K unit. "

Prbr - AVS Forum 


"I think the word clarity is the correct way to describe the Darblet’s effect. The Darblet is simply too advanced to be deemed as a ‘sharpening tool.’ "

KBMAN - AVS Forum 


"It benefits every one of my sources…HTPC, PS3, Xbox 360, Sony S1000ES BD player, Toshiba HD-DVD, wireless HDMI from gaming pc in the next room. "

DaGamePimp - AVS Forum 


"As my wife stated, it’s like lifting a veil that you never knew was there. IMHO, it’s the biggest bang for your buck in video processing today. "

Johng - AVS Forum 


"I hear you. Just about the time I conquered Darblet A/B Syndrome, I got a new Epson projector…and it started all over again. "

Boblinds - AVS Forum


"Frankly, I hate being without my Darblet. We went on vacation last month and my wife had to convince me that I really didn't need to take it with us. LOL "

johng - AVS Forum 


"I’ m starting to p*** off my twin brother with the Darblet. Last night I was only ‘allowed’ to pause it two times to see the difference between 50% GAMING and DARBEE OFF. This is my home theater dammit…why can’t I ‘darbel’ all night long? "

KBMAN - AVS Forum 


"Best shot I have ever seen is in the original Resident Evil when Mila wakes up and there is a closeup of her eye. I swear the Darblet causes the eyelashes to look as if she has put mascara on them all of a sudden. Everyone in my family sees that and ‘ahhs’ about it as I turn it on and off and on and off. "

larrimore - AVS Forum


"To use the Darblet, I am going to have to cut the ends off the DVI cable that runs through my ceiling and pull a run of HDMI cable to replace it. A definite PITA but the Darblet is certainly worth the trouble. "

larrimore - AVS Forum


"Damn this Darblet! I try to get through one movie, just one movie but, no, I have to pause the show every 5 minutes. “Ooh, hair shot. Gotta test the before and after.” “Ooh, lush scenery in the background. Let’s see what before and after looks like.” It’s a curse, a curse I tell you! But I still love my Darblet. "

Blastermaster - AVS Forum 


"I can honestly say that I don’t want to watch TV without it anymore! "

Comicguy - AVS Forum 


"I’ve been around AVS for a while, read a LOT of threads in those years, and have never seen any one product get such an overwhelmingly high % of positive owner reviews. On this thread it appears to be over the 97% range. That is just incredible. "

Fleaman - AVS Forum 


"Now that I have had some time with the Darblet, I recommend it even more. Sometimes the picture is nothing short of stunning, the way everything just "pops" without looking over-processed. Intricate designs on people's ties or clothing, their facial features, even glistening sweat are so lifelike. Decent HD to good HD, even a good SD picture, certainly Blue-ray, etc...just look wow sometimes."

Tampa8 - AVS Forum


"Now that I have had some time with the Darblet, I recommend it even more. Sometimes the picture is nothing short of stunning, the way everything just "pops" without looking over-processed. Intricate designs on people's ties or clothing, their facial features, even glistening sweat are so lifelike. Decent HD to good HD, even a good SD picture, certainly Blue-ray, etc...just look "wow" sometimes. "

Tampa8 - AVS Forum 


"Watched Prometheus 3D last night with the Darblet at 50% HD and it was truly fantastic, especially the opening scene. This movie is eye candy and is a great show-off for the Darblet. I’m very content with my purchase. "

Blastermaster - AVS Forum 


"For under $300, we now have processing that would have cost $3000 just a few years ago…my Darblet WORKS LIKE A CHAMP. "



"I have to admit I am pretty stunned by my perceived increase in picture detail, quality and sharpness. I think it actually exceeded my expectations. Not just 2D Blu rays though; 3D Blu rays with the Darblet receive an amazing boost as well; my jaw almost hit the floor when I watched some of Titanic 3D, Avengers 3D and Alice in Wonderland 3D. The 3D has more "pop," more detail and contrast, making it in effect seem more 3D to my eyes. It was actually really hard to tear myself away, but I had been at it for awhile and felt like it was time to give the projector a rest! "

Fox1966 - AVS Forum


"I have it set on HD 52, and to my eyes anyway, it is making my HD3300 picture quality pretty close to my Pioneer Kuro TV, but with even more details apparent. I am extremely pleased, and actually quite surprised!! Now I want to watch all my favorite movies again!!"

Fox1966 - AVS Forum


"I like the increased ‘crispness’. "

Millerwill - AVS Forum 


"The effect of the Darblet is real – and impressive – but I could live without it if I had to. I hope I don’t have to. "

Devo23 - AVS Forum 


"Let's just say the Darbee knocked my socks off. Turning the Darblet off made the image now appear blurry in comparison, though obviously it was stellar before the Darblet was introduced. "

Andy Lammer - AVS Forum 


"The eye simply gets used to the additional detail and recognizes its absence almost immediately. "

BrolicBeast - AVS Forum


"I put a video game in the ps3 and could not believe my eyes, the demo mode is really cool the way a line sweeps from left to right showing you the enhanced detail. It’s kind of like cleaning a dirty car windshield with the clarity that comes through. "

Polkfarmboy - Polk Forum 


"I won't watch anything without the Darblet in line!"

audiophill72 - AVS Forum 


"So far, in my eyes, this thing is really a breakthrough, regardless of the price. The technology behind it, well, I just don't understand but it doesn't really matter. What matters is that Mr. Darbee has created a great way to improve just about ANY display, and I say this with confidence. I've been into video projection since '97, and the setup (with the Darblet) that I have now is the best yet. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT."

KBMAN - AVS Forum 


"So far, in my eyes, this thing is really a breakthrough, regardless of the price. The technology behind it, well, I just don't understand but it doesn't really matter. What matters is that Mr. Darbee has created a great way to improve just about ANY display, and I say this with confidence. I've been into video projection since '97, and the setup (with the Darblet) that I have now is the best yet. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT. "

KBMAN - AVS Forum 


"After some time with the Darblet, it is difficult to go back to a softer image. "

NABCS - AVS Forum 


"They give awards for these levels of visual technology breakthroughs. That you can see some amazing 3D "depth" without glasses at LARGE projected sizes with highest quality projectors...seems a huge accomplishment. Scoreboard Darbee."

Ronfab - AVS Forum 


"They give awards for these levels of visual technology breakthroughs. That you can see some amazing 3D “depth” without glasses at LARGE projected sizes with highest quality projectors…seems a huge accomplishment. Scoreboard Darbee. "

Ronfab - AVS Forum 


"It's magical I tell ya!! "

tkbryant - Blu-Ray Forum 


"With a 45-50 HD setting dialed in, I actually forget the Darblet is in the chain. However, when the unit is turned off, you can immediately see the difference. To me this is an excellent result. You get the benefits without even realizing there is some additional resource having been added. The 'invisibility' of any type of enhancer is to me, a prerequisite for it to remain in my system. If I'm reminded that a device is in my chain, then it's not offering the degree of transparency I want. Don't misunderstand; by 'transparency' I'm not talking about effects that can't be seen, but rather effects that can be seen while forgetting that some additional device is the cause of that."

Ken Ross - Home Theater Shack Forum 


"The fun part is playing with all your favorite Blu's til you find the mode that suits your viewing habits the best. "

tkbryant - Blu-Ray Forum 


"It's all the little things the Darbee does that makes it such a remarkable device. I love how it renders smoke when backlit, it never ever looks artificial, it just lends it more beauty & dimensionality. "

tkbryant - Blu-Ray Forum 


"Ok after spending the weekend with this new gadget I'm going to put this as simple as I can. If you do not buy or see this unit in action, then you might not need to get one, because you would not know what is missing from your display. But once you get one you will never want to go back to watching regular material. They should make some kind of carrying case with this unit so you can take it out on the road with you when you travel. It is simply amazing the subtle difference it makes to bring out the lifelike features in images being displayed on your PJ or TV. "

hometheatergeek - Blu-Ray Forum 


"Try giving "Book of Eli" a spin with the Darbee. Stunning doesn't even begin to describe how good this film looks with that little extra ooomph from the Darb!! Watched it from start to finish and every scene was just razor sharp and gorgeous even with it's desaturated colors. "

tkbryant - Blu-Ray Forum 


"Everything looks terrible now with my Darblet turned off. The Darblet is very addictive!"

rapalloAV - Blu Ray Forum 


"Everything looks terrible now with my Darblet turned off. The Darblet is very addictive! "

rapalloAV - Blu-Ray Forum 


"I got a chance to watch another movie all the way through last night. I picked Bourne Ultimatum with the Darbee set at 55% and it was just jaw dropping. "

MrFattBill - Blu-Ray Forum 


"This DarbeeVision gadget must be really good because there is a lot of positive buzz not only on [this forum] but the entire net as well."

steve1971 - Blu Ray Forum 


"I think the Darbee should go on a short list of the Product of the Year."

Badas - Blu Ray Forum 


"Yeah it's a magical little device. The performance to cost ratio is such a steal!! "

tkbryant - Blu-Ray Forum 


"Now here’s a question. If the Darbee can do this for 1080P, is 4k Rez needed???? "

Badas - Blu-Ray Forum 


"I think the HD 60% is close to perfect. I was amazed at the effect on Lockout. It really felt 3D without glasses. Priceless. "

Badas - Blu-Ray Forum


"This DarbeeVision gadget must be really good because there is a lot of positive buzz not only on [this forum] but the entire net as well."

steve1971 - Blu-Ray Forum


"I think the Darbee should go on a short list of the Product of the Year. "

Badas - Blu-Ray Forum


"It is like when you watch a movie and you get those few scenes that just really shine. The whole movie now looks like that. It’s a keeper. "

Badas - Blu-Ray Forum


"I would be Nutz not to have this $250 device on a $18,000 projector. "

Badas - Blu-Ray Forum 


"The kid in me keeps wanting to try different films out to see the effect. LOL!! I haven't had this much cinema nirvana since the day I got my Kuro display. This device is truly an amazing piece of tech for the cost. "

tkbryant - Blu-Ray Forum 


"Been playing with mine for a couple of hours now and all I have to say is WOW!! I have only tested it with Blade Runner so far but I am very impressed with the Darblet. I know now why everyone has been gushing over this thing, it works and with no side effects unless you go crazy %120 on POP mode but on the green HD mode you will find your sweet spot."

tkbryant - Blu Ray Forum 


"Been playing with mine for a couple of hours now and all I have to say is WOW!! I have only tested it with Blade Runner so far but I am very impressed with the Darblet. I know now why everyone has been gushing over this thing, it works and with no side effects unless you go crazy %120 on POP mode but on the green HD mode you will find your sweet spot. "

tkbryant - Blu-Ray Forum 


"Works like a charm with my setup!! Currently checking out "The Art of Flight" BD....I'm like a kid on Christmas morning right now. "

tkbryant - Blu-Ray Forum