Optoma revolutionises home projection with intense detail approaching Ultra HD picture quality. Critically acclaimed DARBEE Visual Presence image processing, coupled with Optoma's legendary projection technology dramatically intensifies image quality. This provides the flexibility to fine tune the projector for a clearer, sharper and a simply stunning visual experience.

The HD28 DARBEE Special Edition Projector is getting closer and closer to hitting the shelves, October 2015!! Please watch and share Optoma's video on this incredible projector!!


We are pleased to announce the world's first DARBEE Visual Presence enabled projector system!

After one year in the making we are excited to share the joining of forces between the Optoma/Coretronics and DarbeeVision teams to create a projector with more depth, clarity, and realism. Projected images have never looked better!





DarbeeVision is here to help you get your fill of cute puppy pictures for the day! This maltipoo pup picture was sent in to us by a couple who own a Darblet and were curious to see what their photo looked like after our processing. 

This picture was processed using our HiDef mode at 100%.

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Not only do we bring out detail and clarity in images and video, we also have technology designed to actually "lift" the fog or hard to see areas. We call it Reveal. This image processing solution is for security and surveillance video monitoring when there is poor visibility such as with foggy, smoggy, or rainy conditions.  Reveal allows the viewer to see through the poor lighting conditions, to identify subjects of interest despite the pathologic lighting conditions. Check it out!